Battle of the greasy grass oskate

June 25, 2021

Every year on June 25th, the descendants of the combatants gather in the Long Soldier Community to celebrate our ancestors great victory over Lt. Colonel George Armstrong Custer and the 7th Cavalry.

Sung Sapa Gleska Okolakiciye is committed to preserving the teachings of our ancestors and the horse nation so that our children, grandchildren and those not yet born will flourish. Sung Sapa Gleska Okolakiciye sponsors horse races and a traditional celebration every June 24th & 25th, to honor our ancestor's great victory over Lt Colonel George Armstrong Custer and the 7th Cavalry at the Battle of the Greasy Grass, June 25, 1876. Pehin Hanska Kasota-Rubbing out Long Hair

June 25th, 1876 Lt. Colonel George Armstrong Custer, and the 7th Cavalry attacked a Hunkpapa camp led by Sitting Bull, Four Horns, Black Moon, Long Horn, No Neck and Red Horn, and their allies, Minniconjou led by Makes Room, Hump, Lame Deer, Flying By, Black Shield and Black Moon, Itazipco led by Spotted Eagle, Two Eagle, His High Horse, Black Eagle and Blue Coat, Oglala led by Crazy Horse, Low Dog, Big Road and Sweat, Sahiyela led by Ice and Little Horse.

There were five camp circles, Hunkpapa, Miniconjou, Itazipco, Oglala and Sahiyela. The Sihasapa and Isanti led by Inkpaduta were camped with the Hunkpapa. There were also Brule's from Spotted Tails camp, Ihunktuwana, Oohenumpa, some Southern Cheyenne and a few Arapaho. A veteran of that fight said, "It took as long as a hungry man eating a good meal to rub out Custer."

The Hunkpapa stood their ground bravely, covering the retreat of their women and children down the flat. Veterans of that fight say, "It was sure hard luck for Major Reno that he struck the Hunkpapa camp first."- (Vestal, 1932, p 162.)

Eyepaha: Charlie White Buffalo

Races Starters: Terris Thompson and Aj Agard

PLEDGES: John Poff donated $100. Rhonda Sandland pledged $100. Beverly King Moran and her daughter Andrea pledge $400


Memorial Indian Relay, In Memory of Cante Ozuha Tapi, the Late Glen Eagle. Pledged by Jon Eagle Sr and family.

Warrior/Maiden Race, pledged by Martina Miller-Eagle and family. Saddle Horse Race, In Memory of all the Cowboys we lost. Pledged by Jake Eagle Sr.

2 Horse Relay, pledged by Preston (Fred) Eagle and family.

Walk, Trot, Run, In Memory of Chas Gabe. Pledged by Beatrice Thompson and sons. Terris, Chops and Jabo. Pony Races, Pledged by Terris and Kay Thompson.

Stick Horse Races, pledged by Kay Thompson and family.

Horse Race, Details TBA. Pledged by Melissa Eagle.

ALL THROUGH BREED SADDLE HORSE RACE. Pledged by Bisco Starr. Honoring the Memory of his late father, Marvin Starr.

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